These Are The Days

These Are The Days

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Different is Good !!

 So I saw this idea on .

 She did a post featuring 15 ways her and her hubby were different. So I thought I would give it a try :)

Here I go !

1 ~  I love to read !
       He has only read at the most 5 books in the 16 years I've known him .

2 ~  He loves drinking coffee.
       I only love the smell of coffee

3 ~  He loves watching hockey.
       I breath a sigh of relief when playoffs are over .

4 ~  He goes to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow .
       I need to lay there and figure out life first !

5 ~  I love eating pasta !
       Pasta makes him gag !

6 ~  He loves to fly .
       I have to be drugged to get on a plane.

7 ~  I can't go a day without chocolate
       He could live without it.

8 ~  I drink Pepsi.
       He drinks Mountain Dew

9 ~  I have to be early to everything.
       He likes arriving right on time.

10 ~ He likes older homes.
        I like new homes.

11 ~ He likes fast cars.
        I take it slow.

12 ~ He loves thrill rides.
        I love taking pictures of him on the thrill rides.

13 ~ He takes showers .
        I love baths .

14 ~ He loves ketchup on everything.
        I love mustard on everything.

15 ~ He loves me.
        I love him.

Different is good :)

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